German word pleasure


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  1. Faur
    Faur 3 years ago

    damn i need u girl

  2. Akinosho
    Akinosho 3 years ago

    Length and width matter to me. BUT it doesn't have to be excessively mega in either direction. I think from talking to mates in Australia, Asia, and the UK, we don't need MASSIVE. But more importantly no woman wants SMALL. Small didgers are for little boys l babysit, not for men l f**k. There are few things more exciting TO LOOK AT than 9 (plus) inches standing to attention because of me, but there are few things funnier than seeing 5 (minus) on a grown man.

  3. Vudogrel
    Vudogrel 3 years ago

    Depression can be a mighty albatross. It's always hanging on my neck too... The thought of tossing it all for freedom of pain. But we don't want to leave others behind with more pain.

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