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  1. Jukree 2 years ago

    really hot !

  2. Vulkree
    Vulkree 2 years ago

    I forgot the name of the Vanity Fair reporter who said they had the opportunity to ask Donald Trump, when there was no one in the room except them, Why he kept berating the Press and his response was, I do that so when one of you publish something negative about me no one will believe you. In other words, discredit the messenger and you negate the message. By giving Ms. Adelson the Medal of Freedom for her and Sheldon Adelson's disproportionately large campaign contributions and thereby disproportionately influencing the outcome of the vote with money that is derived from booty taken from the hands of gambling addicts, shows how selfish-narcissistic the President is to think that the Medal of Freedom should be awarded to someone who financially supports him and his political positions. As long as the press doesn't complement him they are fake news. Everything, including his Presidency is only about him.

  3. Tosida 2 years ago

    look at that worthless whore

  4. Goltile 2 years ago

    And then you're called vain for wanting your belly surgically repaired.

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