Erena pine body paint


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  1. Telar
    Telar 1 year ago

    Okay, but let's not go to Wal-Mart's at midnight. I'm not one for body shaming, and I truly mean that. But I really wanted to get this lady a beach towel and cover her up. A tube top is not supposed to look like it will burst at the slightest pressure. It looked like a can of Pillsbury rolls from the fridge section about to explode. And same went for the leggings. I've got to give her kudos on her bravery to wear that out. But my heart couldn't take anymore so me n' my cart made a mad dash to another section before my eyes got a visual I couldn't use a mind squeegee to ever erase.

  2. Meshakar 1 year ago

    Okay but is everyone just going to disregard how she said forefilling instead of FULFILLING LOL. Stay in school k**s

  3. Shat
    Shat 1 year ago

    Mmmmmmmm baby big jumbo ass titties

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