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  1. Fenrilkree 4 years ago

    Yes maybe is no sounds but steel is one of my beloved. Good boys shows that whore where is her place. love the meat dudes.

  2. Tora
    Tora 4 years ago

    I stay in Milwaukee

  3. Vidal 4 years ago

    This wouldved been 100 times finer if it was a point of view

  4. Musar 4 years ago

    I confessed to my nine year old that for his first two months of life, all he wore was a blanket and diaper (I literally believed I would break him trying to shove him into those tiny outfits) - I was terrified of bathing him, cutting his nails.......I thought growing up meant being free to pursue my wants, which was why I avoided even owning a dog (I didn't want to be bound by anything). next thing you know - I'm being drafted for soccer mom fundraisers...argh - "didn't I just cut y'all a check for tuition?:!" lmao:) and I've accepted that they'll need therapy - in my defense, I warned everyone that I'm not mother material. and, I've saved all the noted sent home by teachers in case they drag me to one of their therapy sessions;)

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